“We’re here!” The importance of visiting out-of-town grandkids, especially in these early years.

The Uber car we’re in pulls up to the “Washington House,” the name we and the grands call their home. We see our three grandchildren in the big picture window of the house, jumping up and down – which is what we’d be doing if … Read more

Um, about that grandparenting dream you had …

What everyone has said is true: there’s nothing as splendid as being a grandparent. You know it and I know it. When she was about to become a grandma, my Mom told me she expected a reemergence of feelings she had experienced when she had … Read more

Hooray! The grandkids are coming!

God bless all the parents who pack up their kids and make the long trip to the grandparents’ home. It’s almost always a hard trip – just how difficult varies from time to time. My husband and I often dream of the day when our … Read more

Unleash the power of video chatting with your out-of-town grandkids.

Think about an Irish family in the 1800s. Their adult child and his or her family were going off to the New World, to make their way with a brand-new start. If you were the grandparent at the dock, you’d hug that sweet family goodbye, … Read more