Grandparents-of-the-future, think again.

Recently, I almost threw popcorn at my television. It was during House Hunters International, a favorite show of mine. Each episode features an American (often a couple) trying to find just the right home to rent or buy in a foreign city. An agent works … Read more

The bears were a hit.

“Send us to Washington!” I swear I heard bears pleading with me as I spotted a display of them at Ikea. What fun to pick out four! Sebastian is approaching his 1st birthday and this is the first time that I bought four of the … Read more

Yep, this Grandpa is one of us.

When I checked out the children’s book Tea With Grandpa from the library a couple of years ago to share with the grands, I read most of the book in advance. To this day I remember how I was slightly saddened by the fact a … Read more


Books in Bookcase

Yesterday I started reading a non-fiction book, This Is Getting Old by Susan Moon, which, darn it, turned out to be not so great. But I was gobsmacked when I saw her dedication in the front of the book: As a grandma myself who had … Read more