The bears were a hit.

“Send us to Washington!” I swear I heard bears pleading with me as I spotted a display of them at Ikea. What fun to pick out four! Sebastian is approaching his 1st birthday and this is the first time that I bought four of the … Read more

Yep, this Grandpa is one of us.

When I checked out the children’s book Tea With Grandpa from the library a couple of years ago to share with the grands, I read most of the book in advance. To this day I remember how I was slightly saddened by the fact a … Read more


Books in Bookcase

Yesterday I started reading a non-fiction book, This Is Getting Old by Susan Moon, which, darn it, turned out to be not so great. But I was gobsmacked when I saw her dedication in the front of the book: As a grandma myself who had … Read more

“He’s here and he’s perfect!”

Gram holding baby

That was the announcement from a very exhausted midwife, grinning ear to ear, telling us of the birth of our new grandson! Every expectant grandparent yearns for those precious words. The three siblings jumped up and down with joy … and I felt I would … Read more