The bears were a hit.

“Send us to Washington!” I swear I heard bears pleading with me as I spotted a display of them at Ikea. What fun to pick out four! Sebastian is approaching his 1st birthday and this is the first time that I bought four of the same item. This will be the norm probably from now on.

One bear is cute. Four together are over-the-top darling. Kinda like grandkids!

I wrote a note to put in a box … nestled the quartet in tissue paper, with firm instructions to be good bears in their new home … and shipped them off.

Soon my peach of a daughter-in-law was sending photos of Sebastian and Fiona holding their bears, and a video of Charlotte showing the bed/box she had decorated in blue and white stripes with a single red heart for her bear. Anderson and Charlotte each put a unique small mark on the back of their bear to signify it’s theirs while Fiona put one of her fancy hair clips on the ear of her bear. The one left over is Sebastian’s.

Who knew one box of bears could be so much fun? And the person who’s having the most fun is … me.

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