To have and to hold, from that day forward.

I miss my relatives, my friends, even striking up a conversation with a stranger. I long to hug somebody other than my husband. To have a shopping spree. To leave my local library with an armload of books. To stop at the local coffee shop. … Read more

Grandparents-of-the-future, think again.

Recently, I almost threw popcorn at my television. It was during House Hunters International, a favorite show of mine. Each episode features an American (often a couple) trying to find just the right home to rent or buy in a foreign city. An agent works … Read more

Grandkids opening your gifts on Skype? My best tips …

It can be chaos or comforting … a free-for-all … or a relaxing, fun visit, as grandkids unwrap the presents you have shipped. We’ve had a mixture of all that, since our grandkids have been thousands of miles away almost every Christmas since 2012. But … Read more