Watching the hosta grow, 2000 miles away

Can grands be a part of your daily life when they live across the country? Oh, yes. (Thanks to Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Portal, Zoom, or Google Duo.)

This spring Grandchild #4 is now enjoying the same tradition that his older sibs did when they were the wee one. As soon as our hosta plants emerged from the ground, during our almost-daily FaceTime sessions, we show the plants to Sebastian. We talk a bit about what plants need to live and grow.

Because hostas grow quickly, our 2-year old sees differences fairly soon. The above photos were taken 18 days apart!

Our hosta viewing is a small part of the FaceTime session. After all, we have books to read, our garage to look at, Kermit the Frog to find, and more!

Of course, we ask about their lives as we talk to our grandchildren on a video chat. But equally important, we share our lives. Letting them make small decisions for us seems to be a winner. Recently, I have had the 9-year old pick out which vase I should use for flowers I just bought, the 8-year old decide what should be the desktop background on my computer, and the 6-year old telling me which wrapping paper I should use.

We “show and tell” as if they were actually in our home. I point my iPad in the kitchen and they see Grandpa making chicken and noodles; today, Grandpa and the 2-year old waved goodbye as I got in the car and left to visit a friend. Sebastian loved it when I tooted my horn.

Not everything works. Some matters the kids might not be interested in and we move on to something else. But more often than not, we hit the mark.

“I want to see the pasta,” says Sebastian.

“It’s hosta, not pasta,” we say, concealing a chuckle. “Let’s go see how it’s doing.”


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How do you let your grandkids “see” your life? Share your ideas in the Comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Watching the hosta grow, 2000 miles away”

  1. Our grandson Chapin loves to watch us give our dog a bath. We always make sure we Skype during that time. It’s more trouble because one of us has to be holding the phone so we can Skype but its worth it.


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