Yesterday I started reading a non-fiction book, This Is Getting Old by Susan Moon, which, darn it, turned out to be not so great. But I was gobsmacked when I saw her dedication in the front of the book:

As a grandma myself who had a wonderful mother and now has extraordinary grandchildren — you, too? — I really had to sit a moment and absorb this. The author is right! I only knew my mother for part of her life … and I am only seeing and enjoying my granddaughters for part of theirs. The same thoughts apply about my terrific dad and my grandsons.

One of my favorite sayings is, “Kiss the joy as it flies.” I think this author is saying the same thing but with more specifics.

I don’t find such thoughts depressing. Do you? I just think it’s extraordinary that after you hold the hands of loved ones that the passage of time takes away, if you’re lucky like you and me, happily, the passage of time puts new little hands in ours. Ah, life!

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