How long to stay when you travel to grandkids.

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “Guests, like fish, get smelly after three days.” Short trips are wise, Mr. Franklin, for grandparents who live fairly close to their out-of-town grandkids. But if we’re spending $763 for plane fare across the country, most of us feel … Read more

Just when I think I’m doing okay …

grandmother on ipad cooking with child

Dear Eleni Kalorkoti, I love this art you created in the The New York Times. How talented you are! But alas, my admiration for your illustration lasted ten seconds until I thought: “Oh, no!” I’ve never had a cooking session with a grandchild on a … Read more

You can do THAT while Skyping with grandkids? Sure!

Showing Game Play via iPad

If all you want during your Skype, FaceTime, Google Duo, or Facebook Portal time is to talk with your young grandchild, chances are they’ll get bored fairly quickly and wander away. Instead, make your visit fun and that’ll keep ’em entertained — and they’ll want … Read more

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