A wee bit of sightseeing, even in pandemic times.

No restaurants, no stores, no social mingling on our 2,000+ miles trip from Ohio to Washington state to visit our grandkids and their parents. But we did manage to see a few outdoor sites along the way, some just requiring an extra few miles of … Read more

Hotels on our road trip, traveling to the grandkids.

If I had known then about hotels what I know now, we would have taken this 2,000+ mile road trip from Ohio to Washington state sooner. We chose hotels that offer no-human-contact check-in, and so far all have been Hampton Inns. What we’re finding: parking … Read more

Hi ho, westward!

My husband and I are caving. We are driving more than 2,000 miles to see the grandkids. We have protected ourselves against this lousy pandemic from the start. Our son and daughter-in-law have done the same. But we haven’t seen them since last winter, and … Read more

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