Challenges of connecting with a young faraway grandchild.

“Hi, Lauren. It’s Grandpa! How are you, sweet baby? Are you having a good day? Grandpa loves you sooooo much!”  After that little bit of talking – eeek! – you might be totally out of ideas for what to say on a phone call with … Read more

Um, about that grandparenting dream you had …

What everyone has said is true: there’s nothing as splendid as being a grandparent. You know it and I know it. When she was about to become a grandma, my Mom told me she expected a reemergence of feelings she had experienced when she had … Read more

What you might be feeling as an out-of-town grandparent.

“I can’t talk right now,” your dear friend says when she answers your phone call. “Maggie just dropped by with the kids and they’re helping me wash the blueberries we just picked. I’ll call you later!” With a thud, I realize that scene is never … Read more