Honor the house rules when visiting out-of-town grandchildren.

When babysitting our 18-month old granddaughter (at that time, our only grandchild), she wanted to put on her rain boots in the house. We helped her get them on and as we watched her gleefully dancing around, I said to my husband, “She looks waaay … Read more

“We’re here!” The importance of visiting out-of-town grandkids, especially in these early years.

The Uber car we’re in pulls up to the “Washington House,” the name we and the grands call their home. We see our three grandchildren in the big picture window of the house, jumping up and down – which is what we’d be doing if … Read more

Selecting the best dates for your visit to grandkids.

Wrong way to ask to come for a visit: A grandma leaves a voice mail or sends an email saying, “Dad and I want to come to Ft. Lauderdale to your house August 12 through 24, right after we visit the Callahans in Orlando which … Read more

Honor grandkids’ routines, especially bedtime.

Being a house guest is not easy — and neither is having a house guest. I have found that becoming “part” of the family occurrs when I blend in with their routine rather than making my visit too much of an out-of-the-ordinary experience. For instance: … Read more