Hotels on our road trip, traveling to the grandkids.

If I had known then about hotels what I know now, we would have taken this 2,000+ mile road trip from Ohio to Washington state sooner. We chose hotels that offer no-human-contact check-in, and so far all have been Hampton Inns. What we’re finding: parking … Read more

Hi ho, westward!

My husband and I are caving. We are driving more than 2,000 miles to see the grandkids. We have protected ourselves against this lousy pandemic from the start. Our son and daughter-in-law have done the same. But we haven’t seen them since last winter, and … Read more

How long to stay when you travel to grandkids.

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “Guests, like fish, get smelly after three days.” Short trips are wise, Mr. Franklin, for grandparents who live fairly close to their out-of-town grandkids. But if we’re spending $763 for plane fare across the country, most of us feel … Read more