He delayed first steps until his grandparents arrived!

We grandparents who are miles away miss so many milestones in our grandkids’ lives. Unlike our in-town counterparts, chances are we will miss some of the following: birthdays, first smile, wiggly tooth, riding a bike without training wheels, first Trick or Treat night, first day of school, dance recitals — wait, I’m stopping this list. It’s too depressing.

So you know how excited The Mister and I are to be in town when Sebastian took his first steps. He was a crawler when we arrived … and within days of the first steps, now makes walking his movement of choice. The photo above is Sebastian perfecting his new skill!

We shouldn’t be too terribly surprised at his consideration. After all, in 2019 his Mommy was already in labor with him as we boarded an airplane to his house — but Sebastian waited until we arrived to be born.

So, considerate guy that he is, he remained a crawler even over his first birthday in August. He waited until Gram and Grandpa were in town to give us yet another reason to be thrilled we made the cross country road trip to be here.

Someday I will let him know he has to wait for his First Date until we’re here.

To read more about our cross country road trip, click here and here and here.

What big events have you been able to attend in your grandchild’s life? Share with us in the Comments section below.

8 thoughts on “He delayed first steps until his grandparents arrived!”

  1. We were at George’s first karate lesson last year. It just happened to be scheduled while we were in town and we were thrilled. I know it doesn’t seem like a big thing but he looked so cute.And we felt like real grandparents being there.

    • I know exactly what you mean, Kathy.

      Occasionally we’re in town for our grandkids’ swimming lessons. I am amazed at other grandparents on their cell phones, ignoring whats going on in the pool. Us? We watch every splash and stroke!


  2. Oh my goodness, Jane, that’s so adorable and considerate of Sebastian!
    I’m smiling and smiling at your delight and his too, I’m sure!

  3. Love the posts and positive encouragement for those Grandkids far away. Our only granddaughter lives in China, our Son works there and met his wonderful wife there. They usually return home to Ohio once a year, but unfortunately not this year with the virus going on. We video chat with them every week, she is 2 now and so fun to watch. My ❤️ aches to see her.

    • Oh, Brenda,China!?! How difficult that must be.

      Rest assured love IS shown through video chats! She knows you and loves you.

      Darn pandemic. You only see her once a year and now that’s been taken away. I am so sorry.



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