My #1 goal when visiting my out-of-town grands.

A decade or two ago, I used to pine for vacation trips to explore a new city, state, or country. Sightseeing, shopping, fun, restaurants, art museums! Now my dream vacation is to be in a certain backyard in Washington, sitting under a tree, reading books … Read more

I did it! An easy way to read picture books to grandkids on FaceTime, Skype.

Kids love to be read to but it took me a while — and a lot of fumbling around — to discover a great way to read books to my young grandchildren while we are Skyping or FaceTiming. Here’s the method that’s works for me: … Read more

“He’s here and he’s perfect!”

That was the announcement from a very exhausted midwife, grinning ear to ear, telling us of the birth of our new grandson! Every expectant grandparent yearns for those precious words. The three siblings jumped up and down with joy … and I felt I would … Read more

Five tips on being a good parent — to the new parents who are out-of-town.

Grandparenting starts with being a good parent to your adult child who is now “Mommy” or “Daddy” to a little one. I had to make a conscious effort to not ignore my very important role as a parent as I happily hopped into the new, … Read more