What you might be feeling as an out-of-town grandparent.

“I can’t talk right now,” your dear friend says when she answers your phone call. “Maggie just dropped by with the kids and they’re helping me wash the blueberries we just picked. I’ll call you later!” With a thud, I realize that scene is never … Read more

Video chatting with a baby, including my 5-minute tip.

As we have figured out ways of staying connected with our grandkids who are 2,000 miles away, my husband and I have definitely “made it up” as we go along when it comes to video chats. After all, I never saw a relative or friend … Read more

Sleeping arrangements, when grandkids visit.

The ideal situation might be to have the visiting family stay at your home. I’m delighted that it’s possible at our house. The grands and their parents love the idea and we get to maximize the time we spend together. Happily, we have room for … Read more

Borrowing items for grandkids’ visit.

Where would I be without friends loaning me some high-ticket items that babies and little ones need! Generous friends make the visit easier and less expensive. “What stuff of mine do you need for the visit?” my friend Joan offered when Baby Charlotte and her … Read more