Is my friend wrong?

My friend telephoned me this morning.

Alice: I can’t believe what some people are saying.

Me: Hello to you, too, Alice! Saying about what?

Alice: Your new post on your Facebook page.

(I am putting my post on here so you know what Alice is so mad about. It’s that cloudy message above!)

Me: Well, I read the comments, as I always do. I love when people join in!

Alice: You’re too nice. Here you are, in just one sentence, communicating how horrible it is to be separated from your grandchildren, and some people need to tell you that they just saw their grandkids this week — or whatever!

Me: I see what you mean.

Alice: Someone even said her grandchildren are a continent away but that didn’t stop someone from complaining she’s not seeing her in-town grandkids enough.

Me: Alice, Facebook is a conversation, just like my blog is. And grandparents just want to share their joy.

Alice: Even when you just shared your pain?!? Grandparents who have their grands in town just don’t get it what you and I go through.

Is Alice right? I’d love to hear what you think in the Comments section below.

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9 thoughts on “Is my friend wrong?”

  1. Alice, you’re my hero!
    Don’t my friends know how tired I get of them complaining about only being able to watch their grandchildren as they play in the yard and not being able to smooch them?!? Alice is right. Unless you’re far away from a precious grandchild, you just don’t get it.

  2. My granddaughters are 1500 miles away, and I haven’t even met one of them yet (born in April). I would give a bajillion dollars to hold them. Yet I do not agree with Alice.

    One of my friends lives next door to her daughter’s family. They can watch the kids but not get closer than 6 feet, for very good health reasons. It is heartbreaking, and when I hear my friend talk about it, I almost think being farther away is easier. We talk to our dear ones pretty much every day, and miss them greatly, but don’t have that constant wrench of almost almost almost being able to touch them.

    Another friend sees and plays with her grandson, babysits, hugs, everything, several times a week. I wish we had that. But I see her joy and would never in a million years take it from her. She’s not gloating, she is simply the recipient of a beautiful gift. I am happy for her good fortune.

  3. I last saw my twin great grandaughters at my birthday party on March 8th. The previous time was at least six months earlier, but your advice has helped with our facebook time and zoom meetings and I now read to them quite regularly. I wouldn’t be able to do this in real life as they are too far away, so the corona virus is making no difference to our relationship. As long as I can see them and talk to them I am quite happy. When my twin sons were little they only saw their grandparents maybe once a year, so modern technology does have its advantages. No complaints here!

    • I love your attitude, Audrey. (And I also happen to really like the name Audrey. I suggested it to my nephew and his pregnant wife and now I have a great-niece Audrey.)

      I’m glad my advice is helping. We grandmas — and great grandmas — learn from each other!


  4. I feel upset when I see pictures of grandparents doing fun activities with their grandchildren, and it will be a year in October since I have seen mine. I am sad as this Covid is getting worse again and I am afraid it will be a long time before I can see them. I cry often, and know I am depressed. This isn’t how I envisioned retirement. And as they get older it will be harder to see them as their activities will increase, so I feel like I am losing precious time with them.


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