I did it! An easy way to read picture books to grandkids on FaceTime, Skype.

Kids love to be read to but it took me a while — and a lot of fumbling around — to discover a great way to read books to my young grandchildren while we are Skyping or FaceTiming. Here’s the method that’s works for me: … Read more

Skyping or FaceTiming with a toddler or preschooler: some basic tips.

During a video chat, our three-year-old granddaughter Fiona will sometimes lean close to her iPad screen and say, “I wish I could hug you.” That’s a sentiment that breaks my heart — and makes me happy at the same time. Her words drive home the … Read more

Unleash the power of video chatting with your out-of-town grandkids.

Think about an Irish family in the 1800s. Their adult child and his or her family were going off to the New World, to make their way with a brand-new start. If you were the grandparent at the dock, you’d hug that sweet family goodbye, … Read more

Video chatting with a baby, including my 5-minute tip.

As we have figured out ways of staying connected with our grandkids who are 2,000 miles away, my husband and I have definitely “made it up” as we go along when it comes to video chats. After all, I never saw a relative or friend … Read more