I did it! An easy way to read picture books to grandkids on FaceTime, Skype.

Kids love to be read to but it took me a while — and a lot of fumbling around — to discover a great way to read books to my young grandchildren while we are Skyping or FaceTiming. Here’s the method that’s works for me:

TIP: Don’t hold the book.

Instead, as shown above, lay the book on an ottoman (my favorite way), coffee table, or other table. Then hold the iPad or other device over the book with one hand. Your other hand is used for turning pages during your video chat. Looking on your tablet, you can see at a glance what the kids are seeing. If you lean a bit, even with your device over the book you can see the page itself so you can read the words to the kids.

TIP: Know where your camera is on your device — and practice capturing the book page or part of the page!

Using the camera feature of your device, practice holding it over a book. Soon you’ll get expert at capturing what you want.

TIP: Sometimes, show the whole page.

If what you’re reading about is the entire page, then as shown below, show the entire page to your grandchild as you’re reading that page.

TIP: Often, zero in on the artwork that shows what you’re reading about.

Book pages often show multiple things going on (photo below), for separate parts of the story. I move the iPad around and often move it closer to the page to capture the artwork for what I’m reading at the time.

I listen to the words I’m saying … and show the part of the layout that applies to that section. In the photo above, at this time I’m only holding the iPad camera over the bottom of the right page because that’s the artwork for the words I was reading right then.

BTW, I also soon realized I did not need to show the printed words on a page while reading books. The little ones want to see pictures! Zeroing in on the artwork makes the book come alive more on their screen.

TIP: Practice!

Practice a bit with your device and a book before you start reading to your grandchild on Skpe or Face Time … but, really, kids are so forgiving of mistakes and awkwardness! You can easily try it out on them and they’ll see you get better and better. Soon they will be asking you to read to them!

Have you tried reading to your grandchild on video chats? How’s it go? Please share — in the Comments section below.

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18 thoughts on “I did it! An easy way to read picture books to grandkids on FaceTime, Skype.”

  1. Oh this is smart! I tried to read my grandson books a few times by propping up my phone so he could see me holding the book and it never went well. I had to sit too far away from the screen and he couldn’t see or hear me well, he’d get bored and walk away!! I got discouraged and figured I could not read to him by iPhone. I tried this today and we read a whole book together and it was fun for both of us! Thanks!

  2. Having to be isolated leant me today to start daily FaceTime story time with my granddaughter, and I am using an easel. I agree with the idea of not showing the words, but to show the illustrations and zoom in for effect! Also, a great time to incorporate different voices for the characters in story to make it more engaging.

  3. Thanks for your tips on using Skype to read to children. Just been investigating ways to share the same book with my five year old Grandson. He’s just started school and was doing really well and now at home dud to the coronavirus. Wondering we either buy the same book to share via skype or my daughter scans some of his in and emails them to me (I don’t gave many left as I’ve given most of them to her). Or may investigate sharing via kindle if this can be done? Any suggestions gratefully received. Suex

    • Hi, Sue. Here’s some input from me and my tech hubby. If you don’t have a physical book to read to your grandson, we have two possibilities but both require that you have a pair of devices to use.
      FIRST SUGGESTION: If you have a home computer with monitor and if your library system has ebooks available, “check out” an ebook and then when you’re Skyping, hold your Skype device (maybe you use a phone or iPad) up to your monitor and read the book to him. We show our grandkids things on our home computer all the time, like photos and YouTube videos and it’s pretty effortless.
      SECOND SUGGESTION: You could get books on the device you use for Kindle. Then use your phone to Skype, positioning the phone to show what’s on your Kindle screen.
      Hope this helps!

  4. Jane, I would love to share your advice on my Facebook page. I am a Medicare Agent, I work with Seniors. I would love to share your advice and tips with them. I see that you don’t have links to FB or other social media platforms. Any ideas or advice?

    Thank you for these resources!

  5. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I had no idea how I was going to do this so now I know. We can’t see our Grandkids right now , so I thought I would do this as I usually read to them a lot.
    Your help is much appreciated!

  6. I’m trying to read a downloaded book that is on my ipad as I skype with grands. Split screen? I’m pretty close to figuring this out, but love some help..

    • Hi, Janet,
      I tried this with a downloaded book from the library and it worked — but I needed 2 devices! What I did was have the grandkids on Facetime on my iPad, then I flipped the camera and held my iPad up to our home computer which had the book on it. I started to read as I held the iPad up. Pushing buttons to “turn” the pages takes some effort but it worked. I think I’ll get better at it the more I try. I hope this helped. If you find a better way, let us all know!

    • Julie, your device should have 2 cameras built-in — and you can “flip” so the camera picks up what is being seen on the other side of the device. On most devices, you tap the screen and look for a word that indicates “flip” or maybe a round symbol with back and forth arrows. You tap that button or symbol. It really is easy once you know where the “flip” indicator is. Ask your device provider or Google “How to flip cameras.” I hope this helped!


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