“I can do this!” The importance of resolve when you’re miles away from your grandchild.

I found that being an out-of-town grandparent who’s connected to and engaged with my grandkids started with me realizing that no one is going to plunk my grandchild on my lap every Sunday afternoon. That’s not happening. The journey to connect with an out-of-town grandchild, … Read more

Selecting the best dates for your visit to grandkids.

Wrong way to ask to come for a visit: A grandma leaves a voice mail or sends an email saying, “Dad and I want to come to Ft. Lauderdale to your house August 12 through 24, right after we visit the Callahans in Orlando which … Read more

Honor grandkids’ routines, especially bedtime.

Being a house guest is not easy — and neither is having a house guest. I have found that becoming “part” of the family occurrs when I blend in with their routine rather than making my visit too much of an out-of-the-ordinary experience. For instance: … Read more

Understanding who’s in control when you’re an out-of-town grandparent.

For now, two parties have control over how involved you’ll be with your grandchild: the parents and you. This applies to in-town grandparenting, of course, but when the little one is far away, understanding the power of both parties is the first step toward becoming … Read more